Our chair massage techniques originated in Japan and are designed to relax and revitalise you in mind and body.

You’ll be surprised how good you feel and how deeply you can relax in just 15 minutes. We combine acupressure, gentle stretches and invigorating percussion to help alleviate stress and tension, enabling you to resume work feeling rested and restored.
Our massages focus on areas prone to repetitive strain injury from modern work practices. Increasing circulation in this way promotes health and helps you become more resilient and better able to handle everyday challenges and pressures.

You will also be more able to identify the areas of tension in your body and how your work habits and lifestyle may be causing discomfort or pain. The massage allows you to unwind, enjoy a stress-releasing break and then continue the day with renewed energy.

The result is greater individual wellbeing, combined with improved workplace morale, and clients often describe their massage sessions as their favourite perk.

The length of the massages can be tailored to your organisation, depending on numbers of staff and how many hours you’d like to book.

We also provide chair massage for corporate events such as exhibitions, conferences, conventions, roadshows, product launches and promotions.

Mini manicures/pedicures are available and we find they work well alongside chair massages, particularly at events.